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AVR Programs in Mexico and North of Central America Countries. Monitoring Report AVR September-October 2021

Monitoring Report Assisted Voluntary Return Programs - September to October 2021. Programs in Mexico and North America Countries No.10
Belice, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, México
América Central y del Norte y el Caribe
Organización Internacional para las Migraciones

This report provides an overview of the findings of surveys conducted by the IOM Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) Program in Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico.

Each of the 102 respondents was asked a series of 24 to 33 questions by destination country AVR teams one to three  months after beneficiaries’ returns to their countries of origin.

The purpose of these monitoring exercises is to capture the experiences of beneficiaries of IOM AVR  programs in Mexico and North of Central America Countries to gain a deeper understanding of  how they reintegrate upon return to countries of origin. The surveys also inform the donor,  stakeholders and IOM personnel of trends that could shape future programming. In addition to demographic descriptors, obtaining qualitative data provides essential insights into  migrants’ experiences in countries of destination and origin. The surveys also reveal information about any plans to remigrate and returnees’ mental and physical health statuses, financial security, employment, physical safety and post-arrival assistance received, if any.