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Mental Health and Psychosocial Well-Being among Returnee Migrants in West Africa

África Central y Occidental
Organización Internacional para las Migraciones
Serie de la publicación
Migrants as Messengers (MaM)
E. Cholette, M. Crosato, M. Zraly, O. Hebie

Irregular migration journeys put migrants at risk for mental health conditions, such as psychosocial distress, low subjective well-being, low social support and stigma.

While working with returnee migrants on a social and behaviour change communication (SBCC) initiative, such as Migrants as Messengers (MaM), it is important to ensure that their well being is protected and supported. To address the gap of technical guidance on how to integrate mental health and psychosocial support into an SBCC initiative, a mainstreaming strategy was developed and implemented in MaM.