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Strengthening community infrastructures to facilitate reintegration of youth in the department of Matamey (including commune of Kantche)

África Central y Occidental
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1 Enero – 31 Diciembre 2022


Greece-Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)


Greece-Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

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David Marques,; Marius Tada, 

The proposed activities of this initiative seek to enhance and support community structures such as the Centre de Formation aux Métiers (CFM) - the vocational training centre of Kantché - through the provision of equipment, in order to strengthen their capacity to effectively assisting/training youth in developing the necessary skills to facilitate their re-insertion into the labor market.

At the same time, the initiative seeks to directly facilitate access to the CFM for young returnees.  With a view to ensure the durability of the interventions proposed, the whole community will be involved and will benefit from this reintegration support.

Main reintegration activities: 
  • Activity 1: Mobilization of the Protection Committee in Kantché;
  • Activity 2: Support to the education and training infrastructures for youth.
  • Activity 3: Facilitating access of 20 vulnerable youth to training opportunities