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Reintegration good practices #1 - Cash-for-work, Guinea

Reintegration good practices #1 - Cash-for-work, Guinea
Ficha informativa sobre buenas prácticas
África Central y Occidental
Organización Internacional para las Migraciones
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Reintegration Assistance. Good, Promising and Innovative Practices

As of mid-July 2018, 452 individuals were included in cash for work (CFW) activities in the capital of Guinea, Conakry. Benefitting both returning migrants and prospective migrants including community members in vulnerable situations, this initiative has provided them with cash support when they usually need it most (transition period between return and longer-term reintegration), while at the same time improving the living conditions in their communities of return (mainly by cleaning public spaces) which in turn facilitates their reinsertion. By involving prospective migrants and vulnerable people in the activities, potential tensions between returnees and local population are mitigated as the project is seen as benefitting all.

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