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Development of New Tools and Initiatives to Facilitate Migrant Return and Reintegration in Paraguay

América del Sur
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1 Diciembre 2020 – 30 Noviembre 2022


IOM Development Fund


Secretaria de Desarrollo para Repatriados y Refugiados Connacionales (SEDERREC)

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Paola Martínez,

This project supports the Secretariat for Conational, Returnee and Refugee Development (SEDERREC its initials in Spanish) in facilitating an effective, dignified and productive reintegration process for Paraguayan returnees, while taking gender into consideration and ensuring a rights-based approach. The main activities proposed as part of the project include the development of recommendations to enhance the normative legal framework on return and reintegration and the drafting and validation of a national return and reintegration policy. The project will also develop a study on the characteristic and demographic profiles of returnees and draft recommendations and best practices in micro entrepreneurship grant programming for returnees previously implemented by SEDERREC. Lastly, the project will implement a pilot programme to support returnees by increasing their knowledge on entrepreneurship and providing conditional cash-based initiative grants to grow their business plan and improve their livelihoods. The pilot programme will feed its results into future government led programmes.