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Interactive Tools for the Protection of Migrant Children and Their Families (Complementing Module 6 of the Reintegration Handbook)

IOM through the EU-IOM Knowledge Management Hub, together with UNICEF, has developed the following tools as a complement to the Reintegration Handbook’s module “A Child Rights Approach to the Sustainable Reintegration of Migrant Children and Families”.

Please refer to the "Introduction" section below to see the full description of the Complementary Tools to the Reintegration Handbook Module 6.

The Tools are also available in Arabic. Please find the relevant document under each section below.

الأدوات متوفرة أيضًا باللغة العربية. الرجاء العثور على الوثائق ذات الصلة تحت كل قسم أدناه