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Yenna: Street Art Together and Social Theatre Toolkits

Yenna: Street Art Together and Social Theatre Toolkits
Afrique centrale et de l’Ouest
Organisation Internationale pour les Migrations
Publication Series
Migrants as Messengers (MaM)

The following activity toolkits were developed by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) as part of the “Migrants as Messengers” (MaM) campaign. MaM is a peer-to-peer awareness-raising campaign aimed at empowering young people in West Africa to make informed decisions about migration. Originally created for IOM's Yenna platform, these toolkits are intended to help practitioners plan and facilitate participatory activities to engage local audiences about safe migration, local opportunities and risks to irregular migration. 

  • Street Art Together is a training programme that aims to facilitate the reintegration of returned migrants into their communities by using and promoting art as a tool for dialogue, engagement and community participation. This method implemented by IOM is presented in the form of a toolkit that includes a series of linked video tutorials created by the association Street Art Sans Frontières. 
  • The Social Theatre Toolkit consists of five guides describing different approaches to social theatre in West Africa. Social theatre is a widely used practice in the region, and due to its educational and transformative approach, social theatre is also an important means of stimulating debate around social issues and sensitive topics.