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People on the Move in a Changing Climate – Linking Policy, Evidence and Action

Nika, mayor of the remote outer atoll of Likiep, Marshall Islands, says “It’s really sad to see  it. We are facing droughts and it makes it so difficult for us to grow our traditional foods like  breadfruit. You can see from the distance that the sea is covering the land and pretty soon  we will not be able to grow there. I am a strong believer of ‘if there’s a will, there’s a way’  because we don’t want to lose our land, we want to protect it by any means available to us.”  © IOM 2019/Muse Mohammed
Organisation Internationale pour les Migrations

An extensive array of international agreements and frameworks attest to the urgency of addressing climate change and human mobility together, as climate change, environmental degradation and disasters reshape contemporary human mobility patterns. It is now time to put these agreements into practice and step-up implementation on human mobility in contexts of climate change. People on the Move in a Changing Climate provides insights and recommendations on how to do so. Specifically, it draws on existing knowledge and IOM’s experience of working with governments, other UN agencies and partners at different levels to outline the main aspects of the human mobility and climate change nexus from a policy perspective and put forward a series of recommended actions for policymakers.

The recommendations are supported by practical examples to guide future action and aim to provide:

  1. Solutions for people to move;
  2. Solutions for people on the move;
  3. Solutions for people to stay.

These are based on the three strategic objectives identified in the IOM Institutional Strategy on Migration, Environment and Climate Change 2021–2030.