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Migration Policy Practice. Special Issue on Return and Reintegration (Vol. IX, Number 1, January–March 2019)

Migration Policy Practice (Vol. IX, Number 1, January 2019–March 2019) Special Issue on Return and Reintegration
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Organisation Internationale pour les Migrations, Eurasylum Ltd.
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Migration Policy Practice Vol. IX, Number 1, January–March 2019

This issue of Migration Policy Practice is a special edition focused on the return and reintegration of migrants who are unable or unwilling to remain in host or transit countries. In light of complex and dynamic migration flows, the discourse on return and reintegration has gained renewed prominence in national and international political agenda in recent years. In 2018, 152 governments agreed to have a dedicated objective to this topic in the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. This special issue includes articles by experts and practitioners from the Migration Policy Institute, Samuel Hall, UNICEF and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as well as the Mayor of Zacatecoluca in El Salvador.