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Strengthening Protection through Knowledge and Action: The Official Launch of the Migrant Protection Platform

Launch of the Migrant Protection Platform at the IOM Auditorium on 29 January 2024
Launch of the Migrant Protection Platform at the IOM Auditorium in Geneva, Switzerland on 29 January 2024.

In the framework of the Migration Week 2024, convened by the United Nations Network on Migration, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has officially launched the Migrant Protection Platform. 


The Migrant Protection Platform is not just a digital space; it represents the convergence of IOM's commitment to protection and knowledge management. IOM, as the leading inter-governmental organization in migration, recognizes the risks associated with human mobility and actively works towards reducing violence, abuse, and exploitation. 

The Platform, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands as part of the Cooperation on Migration and Partnerships to Achieve Sustainable Solutions (COMPASS) initiative, is available in English, French and Spanish. 
Thanks to a dedicated focus on digital accessibility, it is built to allow inclusive navigation to users with visual impairment. It  allows for peer-to-peer exchanges on migrant protection, represents a space for online dialogues and consultations, offers public access to thousands of resources, learning opportunities (courses, training and webinars) and audio-video materials, and actively encourages the sharing of good practices from different entities and initiatives.  


The launch event was structured as a panel discussion, where simultaneous interpretation was offered in French and Spanish.


  • Yitna Getachew, Head of Protection Division, IOM
  • Edo Driessen, Senior Policy Officer, Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands at the UN     
  • Laura Amadori, Head of Innovation and Knowledge Management Unit, IOM
  • Anders Lisborg, Senior Knowledge Management Specialist, United Nations Network on Migration

Key aspects of the event

  • 📚 Gain a deeper understanding of IOM's pivotal role in protection.  

  • 💬 Learn about the relevance of the Migrant Protection Platform's role in the UN's knowledge management system.  

  • 🌐 Explore opportunities for collaboration and partnerships. 


Human mobility, whether internal or international, can expose individuals to protection risks and situations of vulnerability. These may arise from factors that compel individuals to leave their homes and communities, their travel circumstances, or the conditions they face at the destination and upon return.   

To address protection concerns, practitioners and policymakers need a sound knowledge management system that allows them to capitalize on best practices and lessons learnt effectively, easily access tools and resources to enhance operational capacities and connect them with peers to discuss joint solutions.  

The Migrant Protection Platform aims to become the go-to online reference for policymakers and practitioners. Its launch is a pivotal moment, positioning IOM as a central protection actor and offering engagement opportunities for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and dialogue 

The Migrant Protection Platform strives to enhance collective effort towards safer, more orderly, and dignified migration.  

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