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Recordings and agenda

Moderation by Camille Le Coz, Senior Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Institute (MPI)
13:00 - 13:10

Welcome from KMH 

  • Aleksandra Izydorczyk, Programme Manager, IOM
13:10 - 13:30

Opening Session: The role of the KMH in the evolving RR landscape

The session will describe the evolving return and reintegration landscape and KMH’s role in it, including: rationale behind the KMH, methodology adopted and how it contributed to the conceptualization and operationalization of the new paradigm on return and sustainable reintegration. Representatives from IOM and EU will share their thoughts and experience from this partnership. 

  • Yitna Getachew, Head, Protection Division, IOM  
  • Camilla Hagström, Deputy Head of Unit, DG INTPA G6 - Migration and Forced Displacement, European Commission
13:30 - 14:00

Session 1: Impact from the KMH initiative across regions

Based on the KMH’s achievements, the session will reflect on the findings from the recent KMH external evaluation, discussing the impact of the KMH on migrant protection, return and reintegration policy and programming globally. 

  • Anna Lucia Colleo, Independent Migration Expert
    Presentation of key findings from KMH Final External Evaluation
  • Conversation with Camille Le Coz, Anna Lucia Colleo and Reem Eldwwari, National Programme Officer, IOM Sudan  
14:00 - 14:45

Session 2: KMH legacy: informing future programming 

The aim of this session is to reflect and brainstorm on how KMH results can benefit and be best integrated in future programming and contribute to the conceptualization and implementation of migrant protection, return and reintegration initiatives at the global level. 

Brainstorming with Camille Le Coz, with interventions by:

  • Nassim Majidi, Founder and Executive Director, Samuel Hall
  • Guy-Magloire TeninDeputy Director, Monitoring of Reintegration Actions, Directorate General of the Diaspora, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cote d’Ivoire
  • Rose Borland, Head of Return and Reintegration Unit, IOM
  • Stine Hyldekjaer, Programme Manager and Policy Officer, DG INTPA G6 - Migration and Forced Displacement, European Commission
14:45- 15:00


  • Aleksandra Izydorczyk, Programme Manager, IOM