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Psychosocial Support for Migrants

Psychosocial Support for Migrants

This IOM online self-paced course provides theoretical and practical tools with the aim of strengthening the skills in providing psychosocial services, focusing on areas that affect the well-being of migrants. It helps the personal who are working with migrants, acquire the necessary knowledge about psychosocial care, psychological first aid for migrants and self-care. The course provides practical tools to strengthen psychosocial care competencies and to intervene in areas that have the most impact in all stages of migration.

The course offers suggestions for implementing self-care initiatives and care for the teams that provide services to migrants. It includes two modules:

  • Psychosocial care for migrants: conceptual framework.
  • Psychosocial care for migrants: practical cases.

The course is free and available all year at E-Campus in English and Spanish