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IOM Launches Reintegration Handbook Online Course

Cover of the Reintegration Handbook Online Course
Cover of the Reintegration Handbook Online Course

In November 2019, IOM launched its Reintegration Handbook to guide all reintegration practitioners in the design, implementation and monitoring of assistance provided to returnees.

IOM is now pleased to announce the launch of a related online course, available here (simply register on IOM’s e-campus site to enroll). It is a self-guided learning tool that takes participants through the core contents of the Reintegration Handbook and includes a short assessment at the end of each module.

IOM assists a growing number of migrants in returning home, and reintegration has become a key aspect of return migration. The challenges associated with the reintegration process are complex, and require a multi-dimensional and needs-based approach to respond to the economic, social and psychosocial dimensions of reintegration. This course provides guidance to design, implement and monitor these interventions at the individual, community and structural levels.

This online course was developed as part of the ORION Project, with funding from the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). It consists of 5 independent modules. Module 1, which provides an overview of IOM’s Integrated Approach to Reintegration, is mandatory. After passing Module 1, participants can decide to take all the modules in the order they prefer or only the ones most relevant to them. Each module mentions its intended audience.

For more information please contact Ms. Joy Paone, ORION Project Manager at  or at +41 22 717 98 27.